Steely Bird

Steely Bird 1.9

Enjoy this exciting action game piloting a futuristic helicopter
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Do you like exciting war games? Then you should try Steely Bird, an amazing action game where you will be an expert pilot of a futuristic helicopter equipped with laser rays, missiles, bullets, and many other special guns. Your mission will be to destroy a dangerous terrorist base, but this won't be an easy task as there are many maneuvers to make, which will require all your skills.

At the beginning of the game you will find 3 helicopters, but only one will be available for you to choose. As you advance and earn more points, the other helicopters will be unlocked. The game has 24 levels, and each of them will bring new challenges and stages where you have to destroy almost everything you see in order to get more points and advance to the next levels.

In addition, a cooperative option will let you play with a friend and get help in destroying the enemy.

Steely Bird manages excellent 3D graphics and a lot of special and visual effects that will let you enjoy the game. Moreover, the background music and sound effects are simply excellent. You will surely spend many hours in front of your PC.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Excellent 3D images
  • Many special and visual effects
  • Very good sounds and background music
  • Freeware


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